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Multi Baltic Amber Stretchy Bracelet for Adults

Multi Baltic Amber Stretchy Bracelet for Adults

  • Lab tested 100% Authentic Baltic Amber
  • 100% chemical-free, non-toxic, sustainable, durable & naturally antibacterial
  • Attractive to wear, gently comfortable, lightweight
  • Product does not lose effectiveness over time
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  • Made with durable elastic band, easy to put on.

Delicately handmade of finest quality Baroque shape genuine Baltic amber beads. 100% Authentic Raw Amber from the Lithuanian Baltic sea. Handcrafted to perfection and carefully designed. All natural, Chemical-Free, adult size amber bracelet or anklet. Every baroque shape bead is rounded, carefully selected so that there wouldn't be any sharp edges, so that they lay comfortably against the skin.

5.00 (grams)
Length :
19cm / 7.5"
Bead(s) Size :
Ø 6 - 7mm
Form :
Body :
  • Polished
Locking :
  • No clasp
Type :
Color(s) :
  • Multi 4


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  • 100% Organic Baltic Amber.
  • Tested and confirmed authentic by multiple third-party laboratories.
  • Extra-Secure, carefully designed for durability and safety. Most beads are secured with knots.
  • Our products are compliant with all safety and qualtity standards.
  • Using lead free materials.

About Baltic amber

Lets define “amber.” Think of it as a gemstone, but not exactly. It isn’t a mineral, but is fossilized tree resin.

Amber is the fossilized resin of ancient trees. Between 10 and 100 million years ago, these resin-bearing trees fell and were carried by rivers to coastal regions. The trees were covered with sediment, and over millions of years, the resin hardened. The result of this metamorphosis is anexceptional gem with extraordinary properties, which is used by both artisans and scientists. Sometimes called the Gold of the Baltic Sea, amber is an amazing natural gem. Amber is not just jewelry, but a valuable gem and a symbol of eternity and luxury is perfect for people who want to profit from natural beauty and harmony of Baltic amber.

Original compositions lets you be close to nature. Every piece has unique colors and textures that cannot be exactly duplicated. Amber's healing properties have been recognized for many centuries. When worn against the body, amber is said to release natural oils onto the skin that are circulated into the bloodstream, improve thyroid function and cure impaired nerves too.

Teething Jewelry

Baltic amber contains something called succinic acid. It has a number of beneficial properties good not only for teething but alinments like joint pain. Succinc acid is a natural anti-inflammatory analgesic that is activated by the warmth of your body. Your baby doesn’t actually chew on the necklace....the amber simply rests inside your baby’s clothing your skin, and then the magic happens!

The necklace should fit loosely around your child’s neck, but should not be so long that it is in their line of vision when looking down. Baltic Amber necklaces should be knotted in between each individual bead, so if the necklace were to break, only one piece would fall off.

Never leave your child unattended while wearing the necklace, and be sure to remove the necklace when the child is sleeping (you can double the necklace and use it as an anklet under a sock at night). To clean your Baltic Amber, simply wipe with a soft cloth. If you need to use water feel free, and then dry in the sun.