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Amber jewelry

Amazing and charming artistic amber jewelry inspired by nature. Natural gemstones - every amber has a unique structure, tone and texture. Our jewellery has elegant and organic shapes, colors and are often complemented with sterling silver, linen or natural leather. No artificial, plastic or synthetic stones are used, only genuine authentic natural Baltic amber. Handmade, each bead hand polished by craftsmen, we guarantee our product is exceptional and unique.

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120cm / 47.25" Ø 4 - 6mm Baroque Polished Fixed Multi 3
Twist screw in clasp. Succinic acid reduce stress. Full energy powerful anti oxidant. Remarkable Multi-strand Necklace. Delicately...

Baltic amber

Amber has strong links with the land and is a stone with great properties grounding higher energies. Amber is fossilized resin of coniferous trees, firs or pines secreted when the tree is injured. Seals wounds of the tree from insects, diseases and infections and under certain conditions of temperature and pressure grows older the tree losing moisture and hardens in one piece. Is a mineral in many cases transparent. The color is usually yellow or orange, but more rarely, and may be dark brown, green or even violet.

The string is knotted by hand in between each and every bead, so should the jewelry break, it should if necessary, the rest of the beads will not scatter. The string is knotted before each clasp so no beads should come off.

Plastic screw clasp opens and closes easily is designed to break if tension applied. Rounded amber beads lay comfortably against the skin, maximum contact and comfort to you.

One of the most beautiful natural treasures. Baltic amber is ground changes witness, began to take shape before the approximately 50 million years ago. Natural wonder with trapped insects and plants, inclusios, speaks of a pre life on earth.

It has great significance for paleontologists, because many times it has been embedded in the mass of various insects or plants that period, captured in resin and petrified slowly with him.  Just imagine that a small small bug, mired branches, is millions of years old!

Amber for Babies

Amber 4 Baby small family business, based in Lithuania, Palanga. Baltic amber has long romantic history, famous for beautiful jewelry and perfected craftsmanship. Every piece in our online shop is unique, all articles are handmade and is distinguished by personal touch, great addition to any outfit

Can guarantee exceptional service, affordable prices, our goal is to provide impeccable goods and peerless shopping services to You. Have skills add artisans to transform amber to showcase its beauty. Popular amber teething necklaces and bracelets for children are available in our shop. All certified and compliant with all safety standards.